Venacontra Services

We have provided consulting and measurement services for our customers in the following fields:

  • Combustion emissions
  • Vehicle emissions
  • Nanoparticle synthesis
  • Industrial processes
  • Air quality measurements

1. Consulting services

We can help you in designing your aerosol particle or gas measurement protocol. When doing measurements for aerosol or gas processes, it is crucial that the system has been customly designed for the specific process in order to ensure reliable and repeatable results for the measurements.

In the designing process, we will find answers
for example to the following questions:

  • Identifying which components are needed for the measurement system
  • How/where to take the measurement sample?
  • What kind of dilution and flows are needed?
  • What temperatures are needed?
  • How many and which measurement devices are needed
    to get the desired results?
  • What kind of monitoring would be beneficial for the system

2. Measurement services

We offer measurement services for different aerosol or gas processes. If you have a need for measurements, we can come to your premises and conduct the measurements. We can also bring some of the measurement devices with us if needed.

Additionally we provide result analysis for the
measurements which can include for example:

  • Particle size distributions
  • Emission factors for PM, PM2.5 and PN
  • Gaseous components and their concentrations

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