Venacontra Porous Tube Diluter

Function: diluting device for combustion studies, vehicle emission studies and a nanoparticle synthesis

vc-ptd_tagiVenacontra Porous Tube Diluter (VC-PTD) is designed to be used in an aerosol sampling with wide range of dilution ratios and minimal losses. The VC-PTD offers excellent diluting properties when gentle and reliable sampling is needed. The Venacontra Porous Tube Diluters are commonly used in aerosol research such as combustion studies, vehicle emission studies and a nanoparticle synthesis. This diluter type allows a wide range of dilution ratios, from 2 to 140.

In the porous tube diluter, the sample is drawn through a porous tube, while dilution gas is introduced through the pores of the porous tube wall. The dilution gas acts as a sheath gas, which allows aerosol dilution without wall losses.

The shematic of the Venacontra Porous Tube Diluters (VC-PTD)

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– Body
– Inlet seal
– Outlet
Stainless steel 316L (1.4404)
Dilution gas
Thread connection
12 mm
Outlet KF 25
Maximum temperature 180°C
Sample flow (inlet)
Dilution gas flow
Diluted sample flow (outlet)
1-20 lpm
5-120 lpm
6-140 lpm
Dilution ratios 4-140
outer diameter
max. width
250 mm
45 mm
95 mm
Weight 1.3 kg


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