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The Helmholtz Virtual Institute of Complex Molecular Systems in Environmental Health consortium (HICE)

Venacontra delivered Diluting Aerosol Sampler (DAS) during the year 2012 for the HICE – The Helmholtz Virtual Institute of Complex Molecular Systems in Environmental Health ( consortium.

DAS has been succesfully used in various HICE measurement campaigns including the following combustion sources:

  • marine applications with heavy fuel oil and marine gas oil
  • vehicle emissions
  • small diesel engines
  • batch and continuous biofuel combustion.

In these campaigns the main aim has been to elucidate the role of combustion source-specific emission on air quality and health effects of fine particles (PM2.5).

Prof. Zimmermann and prof. Jokiniemi in the
HICE 2018 ILMARI campaign in Kuopio.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

In the year 2014 Venacontra delivered High-temperature Dilution Aerosol Sampler (HDAS) for Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). HDAS was applied in a 100 kW grate wood boiler and in the KLEAA batch combustion reactor.

The sampling was made at temperatures ranging from 200-1000 oC. HDAS operation was smooth and stable even at highest temperatures that reached 1000 oC.

The diluting probe was water cooled and operated with varying dilution ratios, ranging from 14 to 120. The diluted sample was measured using a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer and an Electrical Low Pressure Impactor. In addition, samples for electron microscopy and chemical analyses were collected. Multicomponent thermodynamic equilibrium models (Factsage and HSC softwares) were used for interpreting the experimental results.

The results show that the HDAS high-temperature sampling system can be used to obtain detailed and valuable information on the formation and dynamics of aerosols at high temperatures.

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Particle number size distributions (SMPS) measured after the heat exchanger (T < 200 oC) and directly from the combustion chamber (T=800-900 oC).

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